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The Federal Reserve may end the contraction in advance. The Federal Government opened again. US Stocks 3 Core Index Collectively Close – Finance News | Sin Chew Daily

The US Federal Reserve will soon announce the early cessation of its balance sheet cut and the news that Washington will temporarily suspend the government's longest closure in US history, encouraging investors to close US stocks on Friday. high.

The US Federal Reserve will soon announce the end of the action to reduce its balance, and the news that Washington will temporarily stop the government's longest closure in US history has encouraged investors. The US stock market closed higher on Friday.

The three largest US indexes rose, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Nasdaq index rose for the fifth consecutive week. But the S & P 500 index fell for the first week of the year, ending a four-week rally.

Fed meeting on 29 January for 2 days

Dow climbed 183.96 points or 0.75% higher to 24,737.2 points and the S & P 500 closed at 22.43 points or 0.85% higher at 2,664.76 points, the Nasdaq closed at 91.40 points or 1.29% higher at 7,164.86 points.

This week Dow rose by 0.09%, the index fell by 0.26% and Nasdaq rose by 0.11%.

The Federal Reserve will hold a meeting on 29 and 30 January. The Wall Street Journal said on Friday it was impossible to announce interest rate rises. The states would focus on how to deal with the balance and decide whether to put the balance. Maintaining a high level before the financial tsunami means an early cessation of shrinkage.

As to whether Fed Powell's chairman will explain to the media the latest shrinkage time after this meeting, it will depend on the progress of the discussion. The Federal Reserve began to contract in October 2017, and Powell once said it was expected to end in three to four years.

The dollar fell
The price of gold

US bond prices have fallen and yields have risen. The United States Treasury's 10-year base earnings rose to 3.7 basis points a day after rising above 2.75% while the US dollar index fell to 96.0. The dollar fell and raised the price of gold after spot gold rose to 1300 dollars, an increase of more than 1%.

After US President Trump confirmed that he and the members of Congress have agreed to offer a three-week interim funding plan to restart the government, the stock index fell from the highest point.

In recent days, investor confidence has been shaken by the government's closure and the concern caused by trade tensions between China and the United States.

"As some uncertainties in the market begin to disappear, we will have a clearer understanding of the future development of the situation,"

Charlie Ripley, senior market strategist at Allianz Investment Management, said. "Even today, the news that the government has terminated a lockout has undoubtedly somewhat alleviated the above-mentioned uncertainty."

"But most likely there is still some uncertainty because it is only a temporary measure to finance the government," Ripley added.

Among these uncertainties, the ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China still worries investors.

At the closing of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, business leaders voiced concern about the trade war, saying they were "burdened" by Trump's policies.

A Reuters study of hundreds of economists around the world has shown that the escalation of Sino-American trade wars will exacerbate the global economic slowdown.

In the fourth quarter, the corporate earnings season was in full swing and more than 22% of S & P 500 companies reported a profit. 72.3% of the results exceeded analysts' expectations.

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