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The medical and chip fields are the first choice for entrepreneurs in Shanghai, Shanghai Changning builds the "Kechuang Center for Talents" | Medical | Talent | Changning _ Sina News

Original title: Medicine, chip field, first choice for entrepreneurs in Shanghai, Shanghai Changning Jian "Kechuang Center talent collection center"

When the "Kechuang Council" triggers market expectations, where the Shanghai capital market innovates, plans to provide stable high-quality entrepreneurial land for science and technology talent and make it sustainable systematization. Work.

Under an open economic background, returning people are an important part of echelon talent and science and technology. For this purpose, "2018 China Haigui Entrepreneurship Conference Series" (hereinafter referred to as "Hai Chuang Activities") was born in collaboration with the Changning District and the Shanghai European and American Alumni Association. From November 19, both parties will provide migrants with learning, exchanges and displays returning through the "Shanghai Overseas Student Course Returning to the Chinese Entrepreneurship Training Course", "Shanghai Haigui Taligai Entrepreneurship Competition" and "Haigui Entrepreneurship Conference China 2018 ". Platform.

The Changning District People's Social Security Bureau, one of the organizers of the event, told First Financial News that according to the requirements of the Shanghai City and City Government Committee on the establishment of the Science and Technology Innovation Center in Shanghai, Changning had long proposed the work of building a "science talent gathering center knowledge and technology ". The aim, and returning talent groups are important groups that need to be considered by Changning District and promote regional economic and social development.

Xiong Quan, vice president of the Shanghai and European Alumni Association Entrepreneurship Branch, has provided services to those who return. Speaking of changes in the field of entrepreneurship returning, he said that there were many medical talents and chips participating in Haichuang activities this year, and the number of Haichuang training classes had grown from about 30 years ago to around 45 this year.

The strategic significance of Haichuang's activities is that the platform will be the "first stop" for entrepreneurial innovation in the Yangtze River Delta. The two parties will jointly form a Hongqiao Haigui talent expert advisory group to provide high-quality decision-making consulting research for Changning related industries, at the same time, jointly build an innovation and entrepreneurship base, and jointly research and develop policy support and support services for talent and entrepreneurial innovation that are returning.

Good Changning Entrepreneurship is an important factor in attracting entrepreneurs to settle down. "For policy support for returning to entrepreneurship, our base provides reduced rent and short-term interest loans for venture capital. For employees who excel in the company, we will provide appropriate housing subsidies to alleviate the difficulties of staged housing. Winners of the competition final prize also have certain financial support. In addition, in terms of government services, we open green channels for those who return, "said Ma Jun, head of the Talent of Changning District Service Department.

Fundamentally speaking, entrepreneurial people who return have a positive impact on stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit of the local population of Shanghai and increasing employment.

The 2018 Talent China Returns Conference and the 6th Haigui Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference will be held on December 1 at the Golden Hall of Shanghai Mart. At that time, innovative talent and high-level entrepreneurs, returning teams and extraordinary teams from the Yangtze River Delta and other regions will participate in the discussion, and extraordinary overseas entrepreneurship projects will also be presented together.


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