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The most blinding accessory of the night Oscar is actually a reed? –

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2019-02-26 13:51

In the past, Oscar night has not only stars and dresses, but also luxurious jewelery. The most versatile jewel is the world's largest yellow diamond, worn by Lady Gaga, worn by Audrey Hepburn. But this sleek, extremely large diamond was not the most attractive accessory of the night. Maybe Lady Gaga could not remember that.

91st Academy Award – Vanity Fair – Beverly Hills, California, USA, February 24, 2019 – Selma Blair.

At the 91st Academic Award last night (February 24th), Lady Gaga took something special for the accessories of her black dress by Alexander McQueen, and around her neck Oscar winner for the best song. , the stone that Audrey Hepburn wore in 1962 for ad pictures Breakfast at Tiffany's And one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world.

At the 91st Oscar ceremony held in the US on February 24th, Miss Yan wore a lot of special jewelery to decorate her black Mcqueen dress. The Oscar winner for the best original song carries a diamond of 128.54 carats Tiffany diamond, which has a history of 141 years, and in 1962 Audrey Hepburn brings it to the Tiffany movie. Breakfast is a promotional photo and this diamond is also one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world.

Perhaps this was the second most remarkable accessory of the night. The first place went to the reed used by actress Selma Blair when she was present Vanity FairThe Annual Oscars Party.

However, in this most vivid night accessory, this diamond can only rank second. The first place was actress Selma Blair, who used the cane used in the Oscar Magazine at a fair for the morning for the annual dinner.

Blair made his first appearance since he last year diagnosed multiple sclerosis. It was a necessity: "I am a disabled person," Blair told reporters. "Sometimes I fall.

This is her first appearance since Blair revealed that last year she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He had to use this cane. "I'm a disabled person," Blair told reporters. "Sometimes I fall and I can not catch things."

It was the extremely rare reminder of the red carpet that people with disabilities exist everywhere, even in Hollywood, and stands out, according to Cinead Burke, an academic, writer and lawyer who advised the best fashion brands for designing disabled people, as Hollywood regularly praises capable actors for their images of people with disabilities, rarely makes those with modules visible in their biggest night.

These crutches, which are very rare on the red carpet, remind people that there are people with disabilities, even Hollywood, anywhere in the world. Discoverer, writer, and disability activist Sinai Burke said that this cane is so noticeable because Hollywood usually evaluates physically-sounding actors who play disabled people, people with disabilities rarely appear on Oscar's night. Burk also advises on the design of garments for people with disabilities for the best brands of clothing.

I praise[lɔd]: Vt praise; praise.

I do not remember anyone walking around the red carpet with a cane to be honest.

In 2017, IndieWIRE gathered 59 Oscar nominations over the years for actors who play a disqualifying character. Of them, 27 went to victory and the trend continued, and last night Olivia Coleman won the best actress for the role of Queen of England. Your favorite Rami Malek won the best actor for singing singer Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS-induced pneumonia, a state recognized as a disability because it physically restricts the main activities of man.

In 2017, the indieWIRE film critic awarded 59 actors who were nominated for Oscar for the role of disabled, and 27 of them earned Oscar. This trend continues. On the 24th night, Olivia Coleman won an Oscar for Best Actress for Queen of England in "Favorite". This role often requires a wheelchair or walking on a walking stick. Lamy Marek won an Academy Award for Best Actor for Singer Singer Freddie Mokray, and Mokrah died from AIDS-induced pneumonia, a condition that limits the singer's many important activities and is also coming back. In the category of inconvenience.

Still, real disabled people rarely meet the Oscars, which is why Blair's confidence and the frank recognition of her disability are remarkable. It was also important that the reed was adorned for the event like any other Oscar accessory wrapped in laced skin. This is part of her apparel, not apparently separate medical help, and inherent in how she chose to perform at a time when she knew that all eyes would be on her.

However, people with real disabilities rarely appear on the Oscar, so Blair's confidence and the fact that the disability is worthy of attention. It is also equally important that this cane is specially modified as the other accessories that appear on the Oscars. The cane was wrapped in laced leather and in combination with Blair Ralph Rosso's dress, a pink diamond was placed in the handle. This reed is part of Blair's dress, not medical help that looks awkward, and that's where Blair is showing at such a strong moment.

Deck: decoration, dressing, dressing

As Burke says, it is a sign that Blair "defines a very hard person as an invalid.This is not a support that can be used at one point but is part of her identity and part of it-and quite right to exist in such a beautiful image and is not invisible, in the way society makes the invisible damage.

As Burke said, this is Blair's "firm admiration for being disabled." Dandelion is not a tool for maintaining the body, but part of its identity and part of it – this cane is beautiful and attractive. Be careful not to overlook people with disabilities, as in society. "

Other elements of the Oscars also reflect the way the public fails to look at people with disabilities, for example, when Chris Evans, at a widely debated point on the Internet, helped Regina King to climb the stairs on the Oscar scene last night. the only way on the stage? Why not a ramp, and why there is no manual rail?

Other elements of Oscar also reflect the lack of social care for people with disabilities. For example, on the twenty-four night, Chris Evans helped Regina Kim step onto the stage of the Oscar and was hot on the Internet, but why can I just get to the stage by taking the steps? Why not use a slope, why not have a railing?

ramp[ræmp]: tilt, ramp

Much has to be done before it changes, but maybe Selma Blair, posing in her glamorous dress with her cane, can make a few more people pay attention.

There is still a long way to change the attitude of this society towards people with disabilities. But Selma Blair, who can carry a cane, can get more people to notice that fact.

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