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The promotion of consumer protection policies was launched in 2019. Consumption will continue to drive the Chinese economy – China, a new round, faster, also need –

2019-02-13 04:51:16 Source: Economic information

Wong Bin, Deputy Director of the Department of Marketing at the Department of Commerce, revealed on 12 February at a special trade ministry conference that a national conference to promote the implementation of the Action Plan for the Modernization of Consumption and other initiatives to encourage consumers. Indeed, following the launch of 24 new policies to promote consumption by the ten departments, Beijing's energy saving policy was first put in place, and a new round of consumer promotion policies began to enter an intensive period.

In addition to favorable policy, long-term positive factors for stable and sustainable consumption growth accumulate. Experts have indicated that overall consumption in 2019 is still expected to bring the Chinese economy and achieve steady and rapid growth. The controversy between supply and demand, however, still exists, and the continuous increase in consumption also requires reform of supply and additional aid.

A new round of consumer promotion policies has emerged

Recently, the promotion of consumer policies has spread. Wang Bin revealed that a national conference will be held in April this year to promote the implementation of a series of measures to promote consumption that will be implemented in five aspects: improving urban consumption, promoting rural consumption, expanding service consumption, innovations in the circulation and optimization of the consumer environment.

According to Wang Bin, the scope of the pilot project will be launched, including the gradual expansion of the pedestrian street renewal: "Before the end of the year, the total number of pilot streets will reach 50 or more," encouraging the introduction of guidelines for the raising and construction of cities International Consumer Center, formulation and promotion of stores, chains and branding. Development guidelines, formulation of service standards for key sectoral services such as housekeeping and catering, directing postal, banking and electronic businesses to jointly build rural sites, optimize and modernize the 100 billion commodity market and many other initiatives.

Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission and 10 other departments jointly issued "Implementing the Plan to Promote a Sustainable Growth in Consumption to Promote the Establishment of a Strong Internal Market (2019)" (the "Program"), proposed six measures and 24 measures to promote consumption. The plan clearly states that places with conditions can provide appropriate subsidies for household appliances and consumption of cars that meet certain conditions.

On January 30, Beijing's Beijing Bureau announced the launch of a new round of policies to promote energy savings and emissions reductions and has clearly embarked on a new round of energy saving and emissions reduction policies for three years from 1 February.

This policy range extends the product category from 12 categories to 15 categories. Product subsidies vary according to the rating or the category of energy efficiency, and the subsidy standards range from 8% to 20%. The maximum subsidy limit for all subsidized products is 800 yuan.

Not only household appliances, but also the promotion of vehicle consumption policy. According to the ten-year plan, this year will encourage the retirement of old cars in an organized way, optimize the structure of subsidies for new energy vehicles, encourage the modernization of rural vehicles, accelerate the prosperity of the used car market and other aspects of stabilizing consumption of cars and support for consumption of goods. Big head.

Among them, retirement of old cars and the promotion of replacement of rural cars offer all appropriate subsidies for places where conditions permit. When the effectiveness of air pollution control measures, such as the elimination of old diesel trucks and the promotion of new energy vehicles, is significant, the central government will adequately support the relevant funds when organizing the relevant funds.

In view of the recent local conferences and local economic conferences, many places already include promoting consumption and forming a strong internal market in key tasks and preparing policy papers. The industry expects a new round of policies to promote local consumers will also enter an intensive period.

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