Monday , January 18 2021

The Yunnan Observatory has opened a special dual-star system – one for all – Science and Technology Daily

Source: Science and Technology Daily

Science and Technology Daily, Kunming, Dec. 12 (Reporter Zhao Hanbin) Yunnan's Astronomical Observatory's double star and the Chinese Academy of Sciences's variable star research team recently made an important research result in the dense star with double stars. After long-term observation and analysis, it is proven that there is a common dual-spiral disk and a giant planet rotating around it. The International Astronomical Academic Magazine Astrophysics Magazine publishes the latest online results.

Retriever DE is a close binary system consisting of a white dwarf star and a stellar sequence of a main sequence whose orbital plane is parallel to the line of sight, which causes both subconscious to hide and hide. This type of white dwarf and the star of the main constellation have experienced a stage in the evolution of public facings, so it is very important and interesting to discover and study the heap planets that rotate around them. Solving the scientific problems will deepen the evolution of the formation of the planet and the general lining. A new understanding.

Since March 2009, Han Zhongtao and others from the Yunnan Observatory Double Star and Variable Stars Study Group have used a range of small and medium telescopes in the country and abroad to continuously monitor Retriever DE and in combination with data published by the American Association for variable star observers. The attenuation, while establishing that the period periodically fluctuates with a 28-second amplitude. The fast, intense orbit reveals that a conventional dual brake disc extracts a moment of inertia from the system. The mass of the disc is in the order of several tenths of a thousand to a few thousand from the sun, the periodic jitter of small amplitudes reveals the distance in the hound. About six astronomical units have a giant a planet like a tree. Detailed calculations show that the mass of the giant planet is 0.01 times the mass of the sun and moves in a near-circular orbit. These findings show that Retriever DE is a special thick two-component system with a double spiral disc and a giant planet like wood. In addition, they also suggested that the giant planet may belong to the second generation of planetary objects, the same source as the common double-star disk that is formed during the period of public appearance of cladding.

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