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Tragedy, national football will no longer have Lippi – the Chinese New Network

The Asian Cup of the Chinese team came out yesterday and the main coach left the game angrily after the match.

Worse, national football will not have Lippi tomorrow.

After an exciting night, members of the Chinese team woke up and found that the Asian knockout knockout was still in full swing. Life is still going on, and the Chinese team can not help but reach the starting point of the new stage. Though 71-year-old coach Lippi has failed to bear the serious mistakes of his students, he left the national football team, but as long as he has strong financial support and sincerity, the Chinese team does not need more technical content, just like a map. Ma Qiao, Pei Lan and others. They unite in the same way.

The crisis faced by the Chinese team is not relieved by the fact that it is among the top eight in the Asian Cup and is essentially closed to the 40 largest seeds of the Qatar World Cup in Asia. After the end of the 85's, the next generation will disappear, and the Chinese team is more likely to lose the future because of its heir. Lippi desperately left, Jen J "old tears" is just a clear idea of ​​the real feelings of the national football future.

Suddenly it was over

Lips separation

Refuse to thank the students

On the morning of January 25, local Chinese players who were staying at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Abu Dhabi agreed to pack their bags. For the 80s and 85s veterans who occupy the absolute weight of the team, the national team worn in the Asian Cup is probably the last team they used during the national team's performance. Most of them will not disappear from the national team after the Asian Cup.

For Chinese footballers or people of all walks of life who understand and pay attention to Chinese football, it is not unusual to see the "defect" during the Sino-Iranian competition. When the national team completed their historic mission, they also normally expected the next national team. Just when the version of the national football team Lippi is trying to "get old" in the Asian Cup when the candle-maker suddenly finds out that the future of the Chinese team is not so embarrassing or that by different characters they still do not see the " future, "which the outside world expects.

After national football disappeared, many people wondered why Lippi screamed in the center of the team without any sympathy. "Why did he refuse to leave before the good-bye with the students who were together? Some say he is not a member of the team, but the weak state of the Chinese team. From the outset I can look positively on the prospect of renewing the contract with the Chinese Football Association and finally divide with the national football team It is obvious that Lippi, who has entered the age of the ancient, can not see the future that continues here.

A difficult future

Another team

It is difficult to warm up yet difficult to win

When the "oldest" Chinese team in the top 24 still struggled to "get older" in the Asian Cup, the national men's football team, led by local coach Shen Xianfue, is working hard and warming in Europe. In addition to the inconvenient rumors that the coach wants to rush into the field, the team did not bring more exciting news. Against the club team that is not first class or even second class in Europe, the team that brings the future of the national team is just as shocking.

When the national football era belonging to Lippi is painted as a holiday, the outside world, including fans and the media, is more concerned about where the next national football will take place. After the end of the Sino-Iranian competition, some media reporters told the media in private: "This national team said it had completed the goal of entering the first eight of the Asian Cup, even if the World Championship seed 40 is in the hands of preliminary meetings, you can not give it to the national team. Are you entering the next stage of the game to accompany it?

So far, neither the Chinese Football Association nor the relevant authorities made a public statement about the future construction of the national football team, but when the national football team started in the second half of last year, it is easy for the outside world to "play 2022". The World Cup team is associated with it. Regarding the heavy responsibility of the General Administration for Sport for "the national football impact on the 2022 Football World Cup", no matter what the new country is, the team will become the focus of the sport management department and has the heavy responsibility. It is reported that after the withdrawal of the veterans, the 90's and even 95 players represented by Wu Lei will play the main strength of the new national football. The fact, however, that the national football team struck the Asian Cup was cool to tell the public that the Chinese team relied only on individual heroes like Wu Leu to rely on the Asian footballers' forest.

I'm looking for a medicine

The foundation is not secured

In addition to taking initiatives

Lipi's refusal to reuse young players in the Asian Cup is in full harmony with the fact that the talents that have tormented the Chinese national team for many years have failed to respond to reality. During the training of the national football team of Lippi in 1999, the national youth team won the Asian Youth Championship of Indonesia, and this is the seventh time when the National Youth Team missed the World Youth Championship. When local football managers and media reporters who emerged in the UAE benefited from a large number of ocean players, they suddenly found that the money of local investors in the club could be "shaky" to support and drive. However, there is no local foreign player who can pull out the hand or can not find an internal channel for the local players.

It is assumed that before the start of the Asian Cup, the respective countries have already established in-depth communication with some of the local top players' clubs, and the relevant measures are also relatively straightforward – the players have become a consensus of all parties and are in the process of being implemented. But from planting, growing to flowering, it takes time and patience to achieve results.

When Chinese football continued to lose the young talent development line for the past ten years, who could hope that those young people who are not talented will be able to "work hard and come to the future"? It is not difficult to understand that Lippi has no room for negotiation and it is not difficult to foresee the difficult perspectives of the Chinese team on various important fronts for many years to come. In this Asian Cup the Chinese team can hardly beat Kyrgyzstan, the Philippines and Thailand Who can guarantee that they will not be worse in the next 40 games?

The loss of the Iranian team is not terrible for the Chinese team, but if the future of the Chinese team is easy to "look at the end" because of the weak foundation, it is the biggest sadness. It is extremely scary that Chinese football will probably pay for the bitter fruit of "quick success" for a long time. At that time, it is particularly necessary to abandon the spirit of failure and survivability in the Jedi. As a national football team that twice won the second place in the Asian Cup, there is still hope.

The special correspondent of the newspaper Abu Dhabi Xiao Wei

Coordination / Van Haocho

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