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Two Bulgarian and foreign are boycotted, DG plays more than one show – News News

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Both domestic and foreign boycotted, DG has played more than one show.

On November 21, some netists talked to Stefano Gabana, a social networking designer and co-founder of Dolce & Gabbana, pointing out that DG's brand is a suspect of discrimination. After all, the designer himself was angry and angry, and the words were fierce and accused of insulting China. Zhang Zee, Li Bingbing, Chen Kun, Wang Jungkai, Di Liba and many other stars have made it clear they will not be on the show. Eventually the GC brand officially announced that the show was canceled. The official explanation of the incident is due to the theft of the account of the designer and the official account of the DG.

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Comment: From one ad to one, it was a 72-hour "offensive" storm, one of the founders of the brand.Stefano Gabana told us how horrible it is that I can not manage my mouth.– New building

I took a magazine and went to the show. Liwe's 12-year-old life is wonderful.

On November 20, Li Wei was on the cover of InStyle Youjia Pictorial. In the picture, Li Xiao laughs at the camera and stands in front of the camera. Some netizens asked if they want to enter the entertainment circle? According to the sources, Liwei has accepted the invitation to shoot a magazine, which does not mean Li Wei will enter the entertainment circle. For the fashion circle Li Wei is no stranger to the world, and in 2017 and 2018 he is a brand for two consecutive years.

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Commentary: In addition to the aura of the star parents, ChinaMore than 10,000 patients with lip and palate crevices are treated for "Amazing Angel Fund". Therefore, cute, free and easy, Li Wei is also an angel.– North Building

The most influential list of women in the world, a Chinese singer who canOne hundred steps?

On November 19, BBC announced the list of the 100 most influential and inspiring 100 women in the world in 2018. Duncan Cikki was ranked as the only Chinese singer and ranked 34th. Women aged 15 to 94, from 60 different countries, among whom are leaders, pioneers and women and heroes in everyday life. Duncan Ziki said he was "flattered" by Wybo.

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Comment: Singing as a singer, boosting NASA's performance. So in 2018 cross-border is also a very modern thing. – North Building

In 2018, who is best to seduce you spending money?

Lyst, the world's fashion search platform, recently announced the top ten most influential women in Europe and the United States. Kylie Jenner and Kyle Dickinson of the Kardashian family respectively took the first two, while Meghan Markle of Megan only qualified. Third, the rest of the rankings are rapping new Cardi B, Beyonce, tennis player Serena, Yubo Chiara Ferragni, Gossip Girl Queen S starring Blake Lively, Rihanna and Ariana Grande.

>> Click to read the original[2018年欧美最强带货女王排名]

Comment: "Megan Effect" is also not a coincidence for "the most profitable" Kardashian. – New building

Fruit sister Dengding 2018 female singing list, but not a new song?

In July this year Forbes announced the list of Forbes 2018 Global Top 100 Celebrity Income. Forbes recently released a number of separate singers to release the income of female singers. Fruit Nurse Katy Perry ranks first in the world for singers with $ 83 million and second hand Taylor Swift ranks second with $ 80 million. Beyonce ranks third with $ 60 million, the rest – Pink. , Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Helen Fischer, Celine Dion and Britney Spears.

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Comment:After the sale of shoes, Bi Shen, the beauty of the day, after the chickens and after the singer, the side line is satisfying.Ozzie

What is the street circle logo?

Lyst, the world's fashion platform, announced the strongest logo in the 2018 round. The top champion won the first place, followed by Champion, followed by FILA, Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Kappa, Versace, Louis Vuitton and CELINE.

>> Click to read the original[2018时装街头圈最强Logo排行榜]

Comment: The brand on the list returns to an old theme, and the boundaries of luxury goods and street fashion are smoothed. – New building

The true law of incense! The Wei Mi luggage that was cut off will return.

According to reports, Victoria's secret plan to re-launch swimsuits in the spring of 2019 wants to save customers who have loved Vimy swimwear and thus increase the flow of physical stores and online stores. In the beginning of 2016, immediately after the completion of the spring and summer swimsuit show, Wei Mi announced that it would stop the gang set up in 1994 and strengthen the sportswear. Now it seems that cutting a swimsuit can be a big mistake.

>> Click to view the full list[维密的泳装线将回归]

Comment: Women can start showing their bodies, but they can also express their love and self-confidence, not pornography or sexual attraction. Wei Mi swimsuit can be Zhenwei Mi. – New building

"If we're not talking about hygiene, I'll take you."

Responding to the chaos of five-star hotels, the Chinese Consumer Association has announced that the Consumer Association strongly condemns violations of tourist hotels that ignore the interests of consumers. Even more frustrating is that they use "individual employees" and "faces" in response. The expression of the incident is an underestimation of the problem and we hope that the relevant industrial authorities will be transferred to a hotel that is not worthy of the name.

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Comment: With the suggestions the star is far away? –Rachel

Take the train without a ticket, just pick up the phone.

On November 22, the Rail Department began implementing the pilot project for electronic tickets on Hainan Island Highway. The existing passenger rail collection functions, such as Passenger Rail Passenger Certificate, Passenger Voucher and Voucher for Recovery, Passengers have to take the ticket. The implementation of electronic tickets is to divide the functions of vouchers for passenger transport contracts, vouchers and refund vouchers that are transported by paper tickets.

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Comment: It seems that the day of the face brush is approaching. –Rachel

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