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US President Nintendo Reggie announces Bowser's retirement to take over Gorela Cuba – Reggie, Sony, he is, you are, so much – Chongqing morning news

2019-02-25 08:15:29 Source: Chongqing Morning News

Reggie, president and Chief Operating Officer of Nintendo, said she would retire on April 15, and Doug Bosser, senior vice president of sales and marketing, will succeed the president.

Reggie, Nintendo's American branch president, is also a well-known hero of players, his "My Body is Ready" is still a stump in the player's mouth, and Reggie himself has become a humorous performer. Different image. Doug Buzer, who previously served as Nintendo's president in Europe, will take his position.

For this big news, other major players in the gaming industry said Sony and Microsoft have praised Reggie's contribution over the past 15 years.

Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox unit, has directly named Reggie's friend: "I wish Reggie Fils-Aim a smooth start in the next phase of his life and career, he's a great leader, a partner in the industry and a good friend."

Sean Shaun Lieden, the American president, sincerely thanks to you: "Reggie, thank you for bringing us so many games and lead the way in our industry, because of your wisdom and hard work now we are in a better position. thank you and wish you all the best.

(Source article: Chongqing Morning News)

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