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The 2nd National Youth Games were recently opened. This contest uses 5G live streaming, which allows viewers to choose from multiple views to watch the game. 5G + live streaming began to enter our lives.In the previous program we did a lot of 5G road testing, a new machine experience and this time we tried 5G mobile live streaming, what changes will be compared to 4G live broadcast?

On August 16, the OPO Vision Exterior Image opened at the Rendezvous Clock Tower in Channing, Shanghai, attracting many photographers to visit. : The entire movie festival venue is covered by 5G signals.

We did a 5G speed measurement while watching the show and also tried the live broadcast on a 5G mobile phone. What is the effect?

5G on-site speed measurement: up to 945Mbps

We used the OPPO Reno 5G mobile phone and China Unicom 5G unlimited speed mobile phone to measure the speed at the location of the film festival. The results of multiple speed measurements are as follows:

The average downlink speed is over 750Mbps and the highest downlink speed is 945Mbps.

Overall, the 5G signals inside and outside the clock tower are full, and the nearby 5G signals are also very stable.

5G Cell Phone Broadcast: There doesn't seem to be much difference between 4G live streaming

We did a live broadcast of the cellphone for about half an hour under the 5G network.

Many netizens worry about making the 5G live video clearer.

In theory, 5G is faster and has a lower latency, which can bring a clearer live view.

However, the clarity of the image quality is limited by the current limitations of the live broadcasting equipment and the live broadcasting platform itself.

Therefore, in this live broadcast, it seems that visual perception is not much different from 4G webcasting.

However, in the future, when different conditions are available, 5G live broadcasts will be used from 5G live broadcasts and the difference between 5G live broadcast and 4G live broadcast may be more significant.

Of course, we will try some more 5G live scenarios in future programs.

Passerby Street: Give you a 5G cell phone, what do you want to do the most?

We took some passers-by on a random street near the clock tower, let them personally feel the next 5G cell phone, listen to what they say?

It seems everyone is looking forward to 5G!

As of August 17, the ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G was officially released, Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, the current price of a 5G mobile phone is about 5000-7000 yuan;

With regard to 5G tariffs, China Unicom has determined that the tariff for the 5G package is at least 199 yuan, and China Telecom has just launched a 5G trial package with 100 GB of free traffic per month;

At the same time, coverage of 5G signals is becoming wider.

5G is in front of you. So, would you choose to buy a 5G phone in the near future?


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