Monday , June 21 2021

We strictly checked the cinema piracy, almost 130 serious violations public numbers were punished – finance

  1. We strictly checked piracy in the cinema, nearly 130 serious violations were punished.
  2. "Finding the Earth" flood WeChat piracy began to be completely blocked – WeChat Tencent WeChat cnBeta
  3. The three Spring Festival films and joint rights claims: Pirate Resources Downline |
  4. "Wandering Earth" and other Chinese New Year's movie anti-piracy protection boycott a violation! Send a letter from the attorney to the mobile phone software suspected of piracy of the Mtime Time Network
  5. WeChat Spring Festival, strict investigation of cinema piracy, nearly 130 public-affair infringement was finalized – WeChat Tencent WeChat cnBeta
  6. See the full story in Google News

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