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WeChat Strictly Investigates Piracy in the Cinema, Punished Nearly 130 Public Numbers for Serious Offenses – News – Global IT Trading Begins Here –

From February 4 to February 11, WeChat tackled the unauthorized and unlawful dissemination of copyright protection of early-warning key works on the public platform, including piracy of cinema films such as "Wandering Earth" and "Crazy Aliens". content. WeChat received a total of 631 complaints from the rights of the film and its agents and sanctioned nearly 130 public violations, including punishments, deleting custom menus, or auto-answer and account cancellation features.

According to WeChat, WeChat's news from Feb. 4 to Feb. 11, WeChat has tackled the unauthorized and illegal distribution of key public early copyright copyright protection works, including Wandering Earth and Crazy Alien. The Pirate Content of Motion Picture Films such as "The King of the New Comedy" and "The Flying Life".

Clearing violations and accounts

1. A total of 631 appeals from the film's rights and agents were received;

2. Delete nearly 500 articles from public complaints alleged to contain pirated links, resources, or content that is infringing, and actively delete 116 articles related to allegedly containing illegal content;

Image from the public number
Image from the public number "WeChat" WeChat

Almost 130 violations have been punished, including sanctions, deletion of custom menus or auto-answer features, cancellation of account numbers, and more.

Image from the public number
Image from the public number "WeChat" WeChat

Closed 60 serious violations of accounts suspected of pirated video content are prohibited and other measures;

Image from the public number
Image from the public number "WeChat" WeChat

These "sources" that have spread and "top winds" have not escaped –

In response to a wide range of piracy, WeChat protects the rights of copyright owners by protecting keywords and adjusting search results for key copyrighted content, registration and certification.

In addition to deleting the relevant content, WeChat will also take tougher measures, including but not limited to, a capacity ban or even a permanent ban, cancellation of an account number, etc., in addition to deleting the appropriate content for the alleged multiple or frequent release, transmission and distribution of illegal and illegal information content. Manages the measures and has the right to refuse to provide services to the operator.

Complaints have "doors"

If you find a WeChat copyright infringement, you can click on the "Complaint complaint" at the bottom after entering WeChat's public platform.

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