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Why is the pirated black industry repeatedly forbidden? – WASHINGTON

Why is the pirated black industry repeatedly forbidden?

Yangcheng evening reporter Lyn Wey Internship 戚 译

The Spring Festival holiday is over, and the battle of the 2019 Spring Festival Cabinet has already begun. Cat Eye Professional Edition data shows that as of February 10, the Spring Festival dossier (New Year's Eve to the first day of the first month) was 5.8 billion yuan, of which the Wandering Earth box office exceeded 2 billion yuan , "Crazy Alien" "Flying Life The Boxing Office also transferred 1 billion yuan, but many networks also found that during the Spring Festival, the pirated resources of these films that had been released had already been forwarded to Weibo, WeChat , second-hand trading websites, etc., and some even sell them at a price In response to this, on February 10, the National Copyright Administration issued a statement stating that it would deal with online violations and piracy, and serious crimes and piracy would be seriously abolished with criminal funds.

◎ pirated hot film for a few dollars to sell Who buys?

This year's Spring Festival drew people's attention, but the situation with online rumors spreading pirate resources is also shocking. The Yangcheng Evening News reporter found that these pirate resources are usually sold at a price of 1 to 10 yuan, or they share links on the network drive, or the private communications website is directly monitored and the channels are varied.

On the 5th day of the New Year on 5 February, the film of the Lunar New Year Spring Festival was launched. Netizen Xiao Dan booked a movie ticket for "Wandering Earth" early. But what is depressing is that on the third day of the third day she visited Weibo and watched the WeChat group, she found that some people had sent the links to Wandering Earth. "I did not expect to have such pirate connections," said Xiao Dan. The price of pirate ties is the basis of a few dollars, compared to the real money she spent in cinema 89 yuan, that's really the price of cabbage.

And Xiao Dan said that after a day or two, on the platform of Weibo, Post Bar and Fish, you can see "1 Yuan 1080P Link" and other information, "Wandering Earth", "Flying Life" and so on. The Spring Festival file has already emerged in connection with the HD piracy resource.

Piracy channels are varied and the people who buy them are diverse. In the interview, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter found that some people think this year's Spring Festival movie tickets are too expensive to buy pirate copies. Some people just saw the pirate connection and bought the letter suspiciously. Some buyers came from abroad, and Mr. Kong, who bought a connection with pirated resources, said he is currently in New Zealand, no platoon of the Wandering Land in the area, he is ready to watch and buy pirate resources through WeChat .

The Source of leakage is a complex black supply chain

Producers of the hot film noticed the problem of piracy. Landworld Producer Gong Ger said the Wandering Earth staff did not have time to celebrate the box office, but spent almost all of its energy on complaints and blocked piracy.

The Yangcheng Evening News reporter noticed that piracy has always been a painful point for the Chinese film and television industry. As early as 2009, the relevant services stopped the websites of BThina, Eden, Yoio, BT House. In 2014, the famous American TV site for watching movies and TV is also being transformed. In 2015, the National Copyright Administration launched a special "Jianwang 2015" action, removing the video resources of A and B stations with a large number of bullets, but the pirated video resources were changed to "cover" in various hiding places and hiding places. It still appears in network channels such as WeChat, Weibo, Post bar, Free Fish and Network Disk and even forms a black production chain.

A film and television industry official said the film's leakage source is more complex because the film is being edited from the end to the final release and has to go through many organizations, many departments, in addition to manufacturers, manufacturers and related departments , issuers. In response to the external propaganda there are also large and small cinemas, etc. There are so many people who deal with them and who is the source.

And advertising is an integral part of black goods piracy, customers are mostly yellow websites, gambling, games, and so on. Usually she is implanted in a movie or advertised on a pirated film website. Judging by the thoughts of non-styles, these pirated "HD videos" are always running from time to time to Macau's casino advertising casino, as well as some online ads.

In addition, some observers in the entertainment industry have pointed out that selling pirated links is also a source of profit, lawless items often adopt a multilevel distribution model and are widely distributed across different network channels, and the audience is too broad to avoid oversight. ,

Are Keywords blocked

Hot film piracy has fallen

The phenomenon of piracy is widespread, and besides the wide audience, it is weaker to punish such a violation. According to reports, under the current regulations, even if the source of the film has expired, the amount of the compensation is only double or even lower than the original contract price. "If that happens in Hollywood, the responsible company may be facing bankruptcy. At present, the grim situation of film piracy resources in the Lunar New Year's dossier has attracted the attention of the National Copyright Administration and the relevant departments, and the services concerned are breaking piracy.

On February 10, the National Copyright Administration said serious violations and piracy would be handed over to the public security department to take tough measures against criminal means. On February 11, the official microblog of the National Copyright Agency said that in recent days, through the joint action of multiple departments and rights holders, the piracy of the Spring Festival film is limited.

On Feb. 12, Yangcheng Evening News reporter found that with the rise of the movie's Spring Festival film, many pirate resources were reported, and microblogging and free fish platforms blocked the keywords and searched for Weibo. Keywords such as "land resources" appear: "Not displayed according to relevant laws and regulations". WeChat banned the WeChat review link on the above-mentioned pirate websites as it contains "content that violates the rights".

Some industry specialists have indicated that, given the maturity of the industry's current piracy chain, the most important decision is still the deliberate rejection and reporting by the audience. Some legal entities have pointed out that online piracy violates the right of the copyright owner to reproduce and communicate the information network and may be sentenced to three years and up to seven years in prison and a fine.

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