Tuesday , June 15 2021

Xiaomi 9 official message: codename "Battle of the Angels" See you on February 20 – Xiaomi Xiaomi Technology

As announced last night, this morning at 10 amXiaomi officially announced the flagship of the opening year for 2019 – Xiaomi 9, the internal code name "Battle Angel", released on February 20th.The official introduction said the Xiaomi 9's super-flagship Xiaomi 9 is the best-looking Xiaomi mobile phone ever.

It is understandable that the reason why Xiaomi 9 internal code is called the "fighting angel" is because Lei Jun Xiaomi 9 only made two requests:First, it looks good, make the best looking millet phone in history, second, you can play, performance is super powerful. The "War Angel" can definitely afford the words "good-looking and capable of fighting".

Right now, although there is not much information about Xiaomi 9, we can still see many accents.The first is the release time of Xiaomi 9, which is earlier than the time of release of major international competitors.This shows that after adopting the dual-brand strategy, Xiaomi can freely choose to run nodes, get better marketing opportunities and help the market for new products.

Followed by the Xiaomi 9 internal code name as "Battle Angel," just like "Little King Kong" shows the super high quality of Red Rice Note 7,The war angel also shows the complex production of millet 9 in the process of designing and configuring the product.,

The third is "the war for you" on the official poster, rejecting the previous digital design., "War for you" can have different interpretations, and no matter what kind of interpretation we can see the feelings between the complete Xiaomi and the users, it also shows Xiaomi's credibility for this product. It is a product that can "play for rice spaghetti and fight for consumers".

As the first flagship, Xiaomi's "Mobile + AIoT" strategy and Xiaomi 9's dual-brand strategy "Battle Angel" are worthwhile to look forward to.

Xiaomi will then reveal the secret of the Xiaomi 9 layer, I think we will surprise more surprises, wait and see.

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