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Xin Zhiping: Innovation, Ignition of Flint of Chinese Science Fiction – Xinhua Net

</p> <p>Xin Zhiping: Innovation, Ignition of Flint of Chinese Science Fiction – Xinhua Net

Xinhua Information Agency, Beijing, Feb. 12: Innovations flickering Flint of Chinese Science Fiction

Xin Zhiping

This Spring Festival, the home-science science fiction film "Wandering Earth" like Flint usually ignites the imagination and passion of the people. This "hardcore" style science fiction film has not only quickly turned into a dark horse but has also sparked a wide range of social discussions.

Shakespeare once said there was a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand viewers. Different people will have different opinions and ratings in the same movie. "The Wandering Earth" is not perfect, but from the point of view of the development of Chinese science fiction films, it is very new and very shocking, like the planetary engines in the film, it also stimulates intense thoughts as it opens the "brain hole." Shock wave.

The journey of the sun and the moon, the stars are bright, where do we come from and where do we go? The meditation of science and philosophy can always spread the wings of imagination in the world of science fiction. The science fiction master Isak Azimov once identified science fiction as a literary branch that focuses on the impact of technological advances on people. In the West, the age when science fiction begins to thrive is the age when human beings first enter space and that is also the age when human beings are beginning to realize that the earth is facing different challenges like the environment and resources. The world of science fiction, no matter how arrogant and eccentric, has deep roots in reality.

In this sense, rapidly changing China provides a blessing for the growth of science fiction. As Liu Zissin, the original writer of the Wandering Earth, says, there is no place in the world like China that has such a strong sense of the future. The science fiction theme follows the pace of technological development, the creativity of the works is widely integrated with the new technologies, the scientific thinking is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, how many inspirations are generated and how many imaginations come out, which fosters the growth of the science fiction literature and science fiction films.

When Number 4 successfully landed slightly on the back of the Moon, he achieved a new breakthrough in the Moon's human exploration when artificial intelligence, quantum information, the Internet of Things, sharing economy and other new technologies and new business forms appeared again and again. China is engaged in a profound innovation revolution which not only has a major impetus for economic and social development but will also promote a "chemical reaction" in the spiritual world of people by changing the way Chinese people know the world and imagine t future. Curiosity and exploration of the unknown world, though initially like a gentle spring bud, as long as it explodes, power will grow in the future.

Just as drama has to start with the prologue, but the prelude is still far from culminating, China's pace of innovation will never stop, China's science-fiction film has just begun, and the good drama is still lagging behind.

Xin Zhiping: Innovation, Ignition of Flint of Chinese Science Fiction – Xinhua Net


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