Wednesday , May 5 2021

Xingye's new movie kills the stands Spring Festival How many new works did this year have? – Movies – cnBeta.COM

On November 26, Zhou Xingchi published a photo of Xingye's new film and gave important information: this new Xing Ye movie will be released at the Spring Festival in 2019. In the picture, the star with a hat smiles and smiles at the top of the book: "The New the work of Zhou Xingchi "and the words" Zhou Xingchi publish it "in the lower right corner.

Suspected "King of Comedy 2"

In addition, there is a D Plan movie, which is said to be under the direction of Stephen Chow, directed by Chu Litao, who tells the story of a dream to become a great actor, like the story of The King of Comedy. The King of Comedy 2 to be shot. The main role of Planeta D is also Wang Baokian.

D plan plan summary

This poster is exposed and there are many doubts. It's hard to confirm which movie is murdered. What's more, the style of this poster is also a bit unbelievable, whether it's news from the stars, and trust is still to be confirmed. After all, when Mermaid 2 was killed, there was a scene of Lin Yun's exposure, which became more formal.

Currently, Duban's "D" element has replaced the plaque with Zhou Xingchi's plaque.

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