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Xinhua commentator commentary: Encourage the development of media integration and go deep – Xinhuanet

</p> <p>Xinhua commentator commentary: Encourage the development of media integration and go deep – Xinhuanet

Xinhua Information Agency, Beijing, 26 January Title: Encouraging the development of media convergence and deepening – studying the important speech of Secretary General Si Jinpin in the Twelfth Collective Training of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee

Xinhua news agency communicator

The 25th Political Bureau of the Central Committee held the twelfth collective study on the media age and media integration. The important speech made by Secretary General Zingping during the study deepened the era of media integration and development and encouraged the development of the media integration. Make the basic public opinion stronger and stronger, offer clear requirements and set expectations for the majority of journalists and provide important follow-up actions to achieve good work on the news and public opinion in the new situation.

When socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, it is necessary to consider the unity of thought and cohesion as the central link of propaganda and ideological work. At present, the whole media is constantly evolving, and the whole process of media, holographic media, media from all over the world, and media with full effect. The information is ubiquitous, omnipotent and unpilotable, resulting in profound changes in public opinion ecology, media models and ways of communication. News and public opinion are faced with new opportunities and challenges. Those who are willing to take the initiative can be the first to make a difference. In line with the trends in the development of time and the taking of the mission of propaganda and ideological work in the new situation, the key is to accelerate the development of media integration and the deepening of reality, the continuation of consolidation and the strengthening of mass public opinion and the formation of online and offline concentric circle to make the positive energy more powerful and more melodic. high.

In order to foster the development of media integration, we must first strengthen our positioning. Propaganda and ideological work is the work of a human being where the reader is, where the audience is, where the tentacles of the propaganda report will be expanded, and where the work surface will be explored. Currently, the number of Internet users in China exceeds 800 million, the number of mobile Internet users reaches 788 million and the internet penetration rate is 57.7%. Faced with the broad media space, only by sticking to the strategy of mobile priorities, strengthening the construction and innovation of communication tools, developing all kinds of new media and developing various interactive, service-oriented and information services, we can directly promote the voice of the party . Introduce different types of user terminals, strive to take up a new field of public opinion and firmly occupy the high leadership levels of public opinion, ideological leadership, cultural heritage and human service.

To foster the development of media integration, we must stick to integrity and innovation, expand the influence of influence, and let the party's voice spread more widely, spread more widely, and spread more thoroughly. You need to clearly stick to the right political direction, orientation towards public opinion, value orientation, dare to speak loudly, rely on doubts, achieve a constant consensus, gather strength and encourage the whole people to be steadfast in their ideals , values, values ​​and moral values. We will unite closely and consolidate the common ideological basis for the united struggle of the whole party and people throughout the country.

"Innovation" is the key. We must stick to the direction of integrated development. Through process optimization and platform reengineering, we can effectively integrate different media resources and production factors and integrate information content, technology applications, platform terminals and management methods. New technologies and new models, as artificial intelligence to maximize and optimize the effect of publicity, need to pay special attention to top-level design and coordinate the processing of traditional and emerging media, central and local media, major media and trading platforms and popular media. The relationship between professional media, the creation of a new type of communication platform and the building of new media relations, the innovation of ideas, content, forms, methods, tools, etc., a comprehensive increase in the ability to direct public opinion so that the quality and the level of positive publicity to be greatly improved so that the mainstream media are firmly established Master the initiative and the dominance of the public opinion.

In order to foster the development of media integration, we must stick to the bottom-up thinking and thinking of the rule of law, promote the rule of law, and make space in the net clearer. From the top of preserving national political security, cultural security and ideological security, we will strengthen the building of online content so that all media communications benefit from the rule of law. Focus on preventing and disposing of risks for the benefit of the broader masses, overall improvement of capabilities and level of technical management, standardization of the use of data resources and effective prevention of the risks posed by new technologies such as large data. It not only stimulates vitality, but also scientific management, promotes the healthy and correct development of emerging media and turns the biggest Internet variable into the biggest increase in career development.

Xinhua commentator commentary: Encourage the development of media integration and go deep – Xinhuanet


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