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Yanbian Fude team will be disbanded due to taxes due – Zhongjia, news said, or will release, 100 million yuan – Beijing Daily

2019-02-26 15:00:29 Source: Beijing Daily

Yanbian Fude's team may be disbanded due to taxes due

This newspaper (reporter Zhao Xiaosan) faces the collapse of the Yanbian Fude team in China. Yesterday it was reported that due to the due tax, the Zhongbian Yanbian Fude club will be liquidated and will be dissolved and will not be able to compete in the new season.

It is clear that the Korean Autonomous Sports Bureau of the Jiangbei Autonomous Prefecture and the Fudge Group have held consultations on the tax obligations yesterday morning. But yesterday at noon a number of media cites people familiar with the matter, saying that the two countries were unable to reach an agreement on the issues, the Yanbian Fude club could face a bankruptcy liquidation. However, at the time this newspaper was issued, Yanbian Fude's club has not yet published official news on this issue.

On January 7, Yanbian's Korean Standalone Sports Bureau organized a briefing to reveal that Yanbian Fude Club owes a tax of up to 240 million yuan and has failed to recover it. Since then, however, both countries have reached a written agreement on tax rebates through active communication. During the previous winter break, the Yanbian Fude Club has also successfully completed a series of preparatory work, such as registration registration, and hired a South Korean trainer, Juan Shanhong.

According to the rules, if the Yanbian Fude club goes bankrupt, the players who sign the professional player contract will become vacant, and Yanbian Fude's qualification will be canceled and the Chinese League will release one seat. It is reported that if the Yanbian Fude team is disbanded, Shaanxi Changan Athletic Team, which won the third place in Chinese League B last season, will be filled.

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