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Yatai faded into glory and returned to its original point. The football belief left for Changchun was still at popular


Original title: Yatai fades to glory and returns to its original point. The football belief left for Changchun is still

Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhou Wanpeng

The tense Super League relegation war on the 11th was repaid. In the cold winter in the early winter, desperate Changchun Yatai teams failed to escape bad luck Many of them lost the first team and lost to Dalian in the final 0: 2. They experienced a downgrade. The former kings bid farewell to the League Chinese football for 13 years. .

If Ihalo's "silver shoe" league doesn't hurt, if He Chao's main player Yu Rui hasn't been suspended, if the next 8 rounds can get one more point … too much if it resonates in the hearts of many fans, but the Thai Downgrade cannot be repaired.

Back in 2007, Changchun Yatai, second year league champion, broke the road and won the Super League championship. "96 Golden Generation" represented by Du Zhenyu, Wang Dong and Zhang Xiaofei created the "National Great Weapon Factory" which was the best in China at that time.

However, in the following years, Yatai did not keep as bright as people expected, but was followed by the loss of gossip and rumors of fake balls. Along with players who are often and handsome as well as the departure of the main players, coupled with too much dependence on "Generation of Gold", the overall structure and effectiveness of the Yatai team that changed slowly was not as good as before, and records have also changed sharply.

In the 2013 season, a record of 13 Yatai team teams had difficulty qualifying from the final round. In the 2016 season, Yatai, the leader of the first 26 rounds of the score, led by coach, Li Zhanghao, and ended the final day with a magical four-match winning streak.

This season, the Yatai team, who have won five rounds in the first round, recovered at the start of the second half and once took the relegation initiative. But the last eight rounds of 3 draws and 5 losses finally dragged them to the abyss.

There is no lasting power in competitive sports. After a downgrade, too many complaints are not significant. Only with serious effort and hard work can we achieve nirvana. For Yatai, who aims to build a century-old club, perfect youth training and guardianship of fans is their capital and hope for rebirth.

In Changchun City, Jilin Province, in the interior of northeast China, Changchun Yatai, which has been collected for 22 years, has become a symbol of the city. There are many loyal fans behind them, whether they are at the scene or in different places, they always pay attention to the performance of their hometown team, and they are always with each other. Even though Yatai's team faded from glory back to its original point, the football belief he left for Changchun continued.

"Although it is difficult to say goodbye, but at the moment, we have to say goodbye, I hope Yatai can find the direction of failure as soon as possible, so that fans can see hope of returning to the Super League." A fan writes on social platforms.

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