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Ye Siwei mocks the new role drama: love research located in the face of an idol bag – Xian Xia, people, two, too, Tang Yun – Global Network

2019-01-25 16:04:59 Source: World Wide Web

Recently, the author, Zhujo Lou Faisyang, joined the hands of new screenwriters Yang Kianzi and Peng Yongrui to create a new party, Bai Lu, Xu Kai, Ye Xiwai, Wang Yuotong and others. The show will be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV on January 28 and will be broadcast from Monday to Wednesday at 22:00. The same day, the main team and the film were present.

As "waving", adapted from the famous literary IP, he has acquired countless expectations from the release of the actors. Young actor Ye Swayay plays the wonderful son, which is because anyone who is different from Xian Xia's traditional drama is set to become a good heart for all. In the play, Jinxiong Gongzi is the gatekeeper of Tianzhumen, one of the legacy gates, he loves to study Yanyan more than murder and murder in the martial arts. He usually likes to dress with others, draws attention to dressing and is extremely delicate. Do not pay the title "Little Beauty". At the press conference Ye Siewi wrote to the wonderful son, "The bag of idols is very heavy." Besides, this hero has merit to deal with feelings. For the loved one – the boss of Qingyin Palace Tang Yun has deep affection, the two in the play He has contributed countless smiles to each other, and he is ready to give everything to Tang Yun went on the right path. It is admirable to stick to his obsession.

Speaking of the feelings of participating in Scrolling, Ye Siwei said the crew worked very well with everyone, exchanged ideas with the director, carefully studying the script, and spending a credible time on the crew. Since his debut, he has been involved in such works as "The Greatest Man God" and "Blood War Xiangjiang." By 2019, in addition to "Scrolling", there are also works such as "Unarranged Youth" to be broadcast .

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