Monday , January 25 2021

Zeng Cheng Seriously Wounded or Missed the Asian Cup Lips urgent appointment Wan Daley returns to the team – Canada has no worries

  1. Zeng Cheng was seriously injured or missed the Asian League Lippi for urgent appointment Wang Daley returned to the team
  2. Zeng Cheng's ankle leak is afraid of Asian Cup Lippi Recruitment Wang Dalei
  3. The main team of the Asian Cup national team is finalized. Eighty percent of Li Yun came to China last week – Sohu training
  4. Wang Daley urgently turned to the national football team to participate in a training session or catch the last stop of the Asian Cup.
  5. Jan Chiang: How is the "mediation fee" reported? Is there a problem with Lippi's authority?
  6. See the full story in Google News

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