Thursday , December 3 2020

Zhang Chau, "The Sensual Fan," came on stage to embrace Xiao Jingteng, and insurance was mistakenly affected by security.

Dune Chao IncarnationGian Gao "Crazy Fan" came on stage to embrace Xiao Jingteng

Sina Entertainment News November 22, Deng Chao[微博]Song Wei[微博]Yu[微博]Bai Yu[微博]Waiting to attend a Shanghai event. Xiao Jingteng[微博]As a guest, she sang on stage while Dwan Chao suddenly rushed to the stage and embraced Xiao Jingteng. Security staff mistakenly thought fans were quickly on the scene to protect the car and almost missed Deng Chao. Then Xiao Jingteng also produces this video on a personal social account and issues a message saying: "My super brother is too playable to rush, my security (guard) blamed a brother for a moment does not recognize the almost missed super brother but also so brother and brother The performance of the reverse gear is very good, thank you for the support of the super brother. ", Netizen funny comment:" Super brother turned into a crazy fan was overthrown by the guards "," it seems that the super brother is not yet enough red, "" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Hey fans, Mr. Dunne. "(New Fun f / Text)

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