Wednesday , September 28 2022

A double murder in Las Malvinas: one of the victims received seven bullets


Sicarios came to the house where the men were, according to the police, a pharmacy, and they were bullet-proof.

Near the interior of a house located on Carrera 6 and Calle 97, in the Las Malvinas neighborhood, two armed men arrived and indiscriminately opened fire at the attendees at events that took place around 5:00 pm on Thursday.

As reported by the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police, the killers who were mobilized on a Suzuki AX-4 motorcycle in black and red arrived at the search for Ismail Hulio Roach, 39, who received seven hits. bullet.

The man received a wound in the jugular, another in the right cheek, another in the lower jaw, two in the right shoulder, and two in the right hand that caused his death immediately.

When examining the history of the 39-year-old victim, the police found that he had filed an arrest warrant for the crime of trafficking, prostitution and drug trafficking as of January 17, 2019.

Another person identified as Jesus Enrique Ramirez Vergara, 25, who had two shots on his left hand and face, was also killed on the site.

The latter registered a home arrest for a crime of qualified theft.

Police investigators told EL HERALDO that Ismail Julio Rohas, who was unable to walk and is in a wheelchair, was apparently a hallucinogenic dispenser, and the place where the double crime occurred was a "recognized drug store."

Josephina Villarreal

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