Thursday , October 28 2021

"A man could ask a woman before and no problem"


Famous director Ali Humar has denied the accusations of actress Marcela Posada, who says he received inappropriate offers when he began his career

It is not the first time that Marcella Posada accuses Ali Humar of abusing her sexually. However, this is the first time he has made it in the media and the subject has an echo. In an interview with Entre Estrellas, the noted Betty La Faye actress told details of how the director tried to use a casting to get her into an apartment and have sex with her. "Ali Humar is disgusting. I blamed him three times, but he has many people defending him … When I was a director, I went to casting for Bitter Glasses, and the man cited the actresses, the new one especially for an apartment. that this is an office and what he is doing is to knit and knit them and then find a way to sexually assault them. "

The actress shared that the director told her that he should do the casting with him. On stage Marcella will have to seduce a man. Seeing that she was uncomfortable with the situation, the director would suggest watching porn movies and presenting what she sees in them. The actress shared that she also offered to use sex toys, but at the time said not everything and left the apartment, which unleashed the fury of Humar, who eventually offended her and told her that there was no point in acting. The actress stressed that the director never put his finger on it, but the experience is quite unpleasant.

"This is the fourth time I talk about it … The first time was with the Black Candle. She attended me at Todellar and we called Ali Humar, but she didn't want to go on the phone." The actress shared that 24 years ago, when this happened, there was no one to pay attention to. On the contrary, they recommended that they be silent. However, in another interview with W Radio, he emphasized that women today have a number of tools and laws to avoid such cases. "I was raped at 19 and couldn't do anything because I had no evidence. At the time, the laws were not what they are now."

For his part, the director denied all the accusations of the actress. Ali Humar said he had never owned an apartment in the Rosa de Bogota Zone, described by Marcel Posada. Asked by W Radio, the director said he did not understand why the actress made these allegations. "Before you could ask for a woman and no problem," said Humar, who also said he could sue her for undermining her good name. "He doesn't have a good name because average people know this to be true," Posada said.

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