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About $ 25 billion is missing for Florida's Exchangers


A. Within a few months of the expected delivery time for the Fatima and Papi Quiero Piña exchangers, Floridablanca Mayor, Héctor Guillermo Mantilla Rueda, asked Gobernación de Santander for time and budget complements to complete the planned work.

According to the latest information Mantilla Rueda has given to Vanguardia, the request would in no way affect the normal development of the works that are being performed in the first half of 2018, and even less the completion of the new road infrastructure. "These are resources that are needed to advance with additional activities. They can be performed at the same time and only aim to provide better resistance and functionality of the exchangers. "

Why so much money?

The original PQP contract will be added to nearly $ 8 billion, the only figure currently set.

For Fatima, nothing has yet been agreed, as the contractor's request for more than $ 17 billion is still under review.

"We've found that the added work is important. Then, taking advantage of the moment, this is the will and we have the resources from the government and the municipality, we want to do them, "the local president said.

The funds requested for Fatima are supposed to respond to situations that can not be intentional during the tender procedure or when the surveys have been conducted; so they were not added to the original scope of the project.

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One of the activities is the back wall of the Fatima district, which gives stability to the area.

Another is the extension of the box. "When we submitted a job offer, the environmental authority asked us for an expansion box that goes from Las Mojarras Park to the 50 meter-long area where the work is done to provide treatment to cross the area. In the course of the project, Cdmb was perceived as an environmental organ, and he was there when he suggested that this structure should go to the Zapamanga V scene, more than 500 meters, "the mayor explained.

Another point that increases costs is related to the pavement of all alternative roads. It is done before work is started, but you must now recover that money and continue with the appropriate balance on the contract.

As for the PQP, Mantilla Rueda stressed that one of the requests was made by a departmental administration. They are considering the need to expand the Casco Antiguo access bar, by exchanging through the Emergency Department to connect with the sector where Santander's Industrial University headquarters are built.

On the other hand, a theme of urbanism is added between the access road to Primavera and PQP on the right side of the Piedecuesta – Floridablanca road, based on the adaptation of ecological trails, lighting and outdoor sports halls.

"These are not the sports halls that we have announced about the roundabout and the 200th street sector with the exchange, which are separate because in this section we only had the idea of ​​adopting an approach but we are afraid that he will become the focus of crime, "the president said.

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When it comes to adding time, Florida's Mayor clarifies that it is not about labor contracts but about audit contracts that have been offered for less time.

"What is happening is that one job was proposed for delivery in October and the other one in November, and that remains the same." The government proposed an audit deadline by the first week of August, after which the audit was left with a shorter term and must do the extra, "he said.


Following an inter-institutional agreement between the Government of Santander and the city of Floridablanca, the contract for the construction of the Fátima heat exchanger was signed for $ 44.966 million.

Supervision for this project was paid by the government alone, with a cost of $ 3,590 million.

Meanwhile, Papi Quiero Piña's heat exchanger expansion and optimization contract was awarded for $ 36,305 million.

Supervision for this project was paid only by the government, with a cost of $ 2.930 million.

Data: 4.5 months is the extra time that would also be required for the performance of Fatima's work. This means it will end in December 2019.

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