Saturday , August 13 2022

Apple laughs at Google by putting a provocative poster


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The market for mobile telephony and technology as a whole, it is one of the most competitive ones that existDozens of producers struggle to stay on top or to become a place among the great. In some cases, attacking the opponent can attract much attention,

In this war it seems that everything is going, and an ingenious advertising campaign can have even greater reach if used to attack a competitor. Without going any further, Huawei recently put a huge poster on one of Samsung's stores. This time we will talk about Apple because put a big poster with a pretty provocative message that points directly to Google,

Apple uses confidentiality against Google

The image published by journalist Matt Eliot on Twitter speaks for himself. As you can see in the picture, Apple has put a big sign in which we can see the back of one of their iPhone and the phrase: "We're in business to stay out of yours," like "We're in business not to go into yours"The sign is very close to the headquarters of the Pavement Bearings, a company that belongs to an alphabet just like Google,

Similar to Facebook, Google too participates in conflicts to protect the privacy of its usersand those from Cupertino did not want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of it. But this is something to keep in mind, Mountain View has presented a good handful of news focused on privacy in the latest Google I / O.

Nevertheless, companies need to keep in mind something. Consumers are increasingly aware of how valuable our data is and, in this media war, pulling the chest over privacy can be a sword with two blades,

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