Saturday , June 25 2022

Bankruptcy? "La Chilindrina" sells property in Acapulco for huge debts


Maria Antonyia de las Niveas, better known as La Chillindra, said in an interview with Ventanado that her economy is not good at the moment because she still owes money to the clinic where her husband, Gabriel Fernandez, is interned in the United States. so she was forced to sell her house in Acapulco.

To that, he adds that he is in medical treatment, which involves high costs. "" Drugs are like 15,000 pesos (Mexican) week of pure medication from him because I'm like 20 because I'm very serious when it happened to him, he gave me something called fibromyalgia that I thank I fight with God, "admits Chylindrin.

In addition, he said they have nurses to support at this point, "this is a very serious illness and we both (…) therefore have a nurse and a nurse, and the United States is negotiating right now, they waiting for me to sell my house in Acapulco to pay and then it does not matter, the good things have to solve the bad things.

So Maria Antoaneta announced her decision to sell her house in Acapulco.

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