Saturday , September 18 2021

banned from being shaken today in front of Pereira at B

Quindío has an obligation to win tonight (7:30 a.m.) at the Centenario stadium where he received Pereira, to continue in the fight for first place in group B.

Union Magdalena, who beat Valledupar 0-2 on Sunday, is the leader with 10 points, followed by Quindian with 7 (one game less), Pereira has 3 and Valledupar, 0.

At A, Cúcuta was solid with 10 points, thanks to yesterday's 1-2 victory from visitors against Real Cartagena; Llaneros added 4, Cortuluá 3 and Real Cartagena 3.

Last night another meeting between Cortuluá and Llaneros was held at the Doce de Octubre stadium. Both of them, urged by the victory to stay alive.

Cucuteños were the first to reclassify with 81 points, which almost convinced them that they were in a party dispute with the climb, because the rule said that the first of this table would play with losers from a comparison between the first 2 of each group

The fifth day will be played this Friday with: Magdalena-Quindío (classics), Valledupar-Pereira, Llaneros-Real Cartagena and Cortuluá-Cúcuta.

The good thing about this tournament is that the profile of the team is usually part of the Águila League, such as Kúkuta, Unión Magdalena, Deportes Quindío and Pereira.

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