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Beware! Sports Injuries: More Common Causes and Prevention


According to World Health Organization (WHO), the lack of physical activity in relation to global mortality represents 6% of deaths reported worldwide. Although practicing sports increases the quality of life and develops health effects in the body, it can cause health risks, such as knee injuries, Achilles tendon trauma, fractures, dislocation, among others, which over time can cause consequences cognitive, emotional and behavioral.

Although there is a greater awareness of sports today and maintaining healthy habits due to the power of social networks with the advent of different exercise and sports training apps and the way to be fit, many times when starting physical activities people do not know how they must be done; lack of advice can lead to a high likelihood of injury.

Therefore, Dr. Camilo Abril Aguilar, an expert in high complexity pathology, orthopedics and traumatology, states that “ physical injury can be caused by a variety of reasons, such as lack of stretching before exercise, poor movement, t. e. stumble, overload the body with high impact exercises, improper use of training equipment. Poor training can occur regardless of whether it is competitive or entertaining, the most important thing being that everyone learns to know their body, its limits and, above all, to educate themselves about the sport they want to do; As simple as it may seem, you need to have a good physical condition, which implies the ability for strength, flexibility and coordination.

How to prevent sports injuries?

There are two types of injuries caused by sports or physical activity: acute injuries and chronic injuries. The former appear suddenly while exercising, causing among the most common bone fractures, arm or ankle sprains, dislocations, muscle swelling. The latter, occurring after physical activity, develop progressively, such as tendonitis, swelling, constant pain.

Thus, to prevent any injury, it is recommended that:

-Warm up before physical activity

-To live a healthy diet and adequate hydration to maintain oxygen in the body

-Developed on flat surfaces

– Give rest when the body points it and sleeps more than 7 hours a day

-Try not to twist your knees when stretching

-Bend your knees when performing jump exercises

-Do not lift more than you should, do not overload your muscles

-Wear protective gear according to sport

-Select the sport that best suits your physical condition and age

-Do not exercise excessively

"Striving more than you owe leads to chronic injuries, which, unlike the acute ones, which your treatment involves rest, ice and understanding, will require medication, anti-inflammatory drugs, therapies; and if the case is more serious and there is a restriction on movement, it will require surgery, physiotherapy, compression bandage and intensive care, "adds Abril, an orthopedic specialist at Clinic Medical.

Physical activity is essential in people's daily lives, but it must always be accompanied by a medical assessment or a physical expert who, as appropriate, indicates the level of intensity and physical ability of each person; This is a whole process.

A person who does little exercise cannot immediately perform high performance. However, a high level athlete should also be constantly advised. Any injury can produce not only physical but also psychological and behavioral consequences such as depression, stress, low self-esteem, anger, obesity, "concludes April.

So, although we should not go unnoticed, sedentary lifestyles lead to public health problems such as the risk of premature death, cardiovascular disease, stress, anxiety, depression, as lack of physical activity is the main cause of 27 % of diabetes cases, 25% of breast cancer staining, and approximately 30% of the incidence of ischemic heart disease, according to the WHO, is important to start with a medical protocol before practicing any sport to prevent both injury and disease

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