Friday , May 20 2022

Bikini and Jet Ski! Kendall Jenner raises the level of the bottle's viral challenge


From a few days ago, in social networks, it was possible to see the special challenge of several celebrities, demonstrating skills that none of their followers knew so far.

on "Bottle Challenge, as this funny, but difficult game was called, consists in putting a bottle in a point and stroke in order to try to open the bottle without falling or breaking.

So much excitement is that this challenge has caused world celebrities to be encouraged to share the video on their social networks, especially in their accounts. Instagram,

As a clear example of the above one, Hollywood, Kendall Jenner, was measured "Challenge" after one of her best friends made her do it.

The surgeon has surprised the users of the social network with heavy bikini and jet-skis on what seems to be the beach on a beach and there, while someone holds the bottle, this happens on Jet Ski and with it the foot manages to remove the lid container without any problems.

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It is worth noting that any famous person challenges his friends or family when making the publication in order to keep them viral and show their abilities. That's how it did Justin Bieber, which caused his wife Haley Baldwin and this one finally disputed the star of "Keeping the Kardashians",

It seemed as if this was not enough and despite the fact that Jenner He received thousands of comments from his fans, his sisters and his mother were not abandoned because they let him know how creative and talented he is to gamble with this particular game.

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