Friday , May 7 2021

Boxer Jessica Kaichedo will play world heavyweight

ColombianJessica Kaichedo will play on Saturday at the World Heavyweight Boxing Championship final (-81kg) after entering New Delhi a convincing victory in the semi-finals, 4-1, over Belarus Victoria Kebikaa.

Kaichedo, who, when qualifying for this match, has already secured his country the first medal of the World Women's Championship, gladly gave the bronze rival, and gold or silver will be hung at 24 years and in a category that is not his.

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The Boxer was scored in favor of 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28 by four judges, and against fifth – against 28-29.

His opponent in the final will be Chinese Lina Wang, who beat the other semi-final, also with a split decision from 4-1, to Turkish Elif Gunners.

Caicedo, the average average player (-75 kg) who grew up in the division to compete in these championships at a maximum of -81 kilograms and prove before the boxing with great strength, The Tokyo 2020 Olympics as a Goal.

Tactics failed to deliver a better result, and his victory this Thursday led to a dispute over gold in the maximum two-year event of amateur boxing.

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In blue, Vale de Cacao climbed into the ring with a wide smile, and after crossing, he skipped the usual first round and soon put his opponent against the ropes. He has always taken the initiative in the first assault, with devastating leva in exchange nearby.

In the second quarter, he effectively defended Kebikava's desperate attacks, which struggled to fight the physical terrain. Caicedo not he could always avoid his hits, but he came to the last round with his options intact.

Without being able to make mistakes, Belarus tried to catch the Cajiddo in the corner, who got out of his way without a problem and in 30 seconds Eventually he reached Kebikava with a direct one that arranged the battle.

As soon as the bell rang, the boxer, born in Palmyra, raised his hands. Just a moment later, the South Korean judge ratified his victory by raising his blue glove.

Caicedo is part of Colombian Selection, directed by Rafael Izgaga.

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In the -75 kilogram category this year hosted the South American Games in Cochabamba (Bolivia) and Central America and the Caribbean in Barranquilla (Colombia), successes that prolonged the victory in 2017 Bolivarian Games of Santa Marta (Colombia) and in the Pan-American Women's Boxing in Tegucigalpa, in this case -81 kilograms, as at these World Championships in Delhi.

Kebikaa, 33, and 1.80m, before competing in four other world championships, and in all of them lost in the first round. This year he won a bronze medal in European capitals.

The other finalist, lto China Lina Wang, won by 30-27 on four of the cards and lost in the heel of 28-29.

Wang is 21 years old the most promising fighter in his country, national champion this season, although his international experience is still scarce.

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