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Bungie explains how "extreme moves" will work in Destiny 2

The story behind Destiny 2 has all sorts of swings where there is a noticeable turning point in Activision's Bungie detachment. Discrepancies reached a level that forced Bundji to abandon his relationship with the publisher and hence be the owner of his own future. A future that begins with the arrival of the free version of Destiny 2, New Light and the new Shadowkeep expansion. With this, new developments appear in the action itself, where it is now necessary to pay attention to the explanation of Bungie on how the final moves that will add to Destiny 2 work.

And that is, this option is one of the novelties that Bungie wants to introduce Fate 2, this gives an additional option that can be very attractive. Luc Smith, Director of the Fate 2 in Bungie, gave the first details of how these last movements work, which will be introduced Fate 2, "When enemies are below the level of health, an indicator will appear indicating that the enemy can be eliminated», and with this, the player can activate this new ability that will put an end to its existence. These last moves will be grandiose attacks that can be triggered at certain times because it depends on the prepared player.

"The action modifier can be configured as one more piece of your bumper"– explains Smith, where "Only one modifier can be equipped", but as he points out «We are working hard to equip more than one»This plan seems to be trying to establish an element that chooses a random motion that activates one or another animation for this new ultimate attack that will eliminate the enemy when the moment arrives.

However, this movement will absorb some of the energy so that several attacks can not be linked or can not be used as a permanent resource. It is obvious that it may have other passive effects or activate other advantages, such as obtaining ammunition when carrying out the attack. this will put an end to the enemies who are about to die.

Bungie Final Destiny 2 Movements

Now Destiny 2 is available for Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, knowing that a great revolution will come in the autumn, thanks to this free-game adaptation and Shadowkeep expansion.

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