Monday , October 18 2021

Camila Cabello reacted sharply after criticizing her cellulite


The singer Camila Cabello she was photographed by some paparazzi while enjoying a few days of beach and there they left in evidence cellulite, something that has been heavily criticized.

After a wave of negative comments, the performer took advantage of the situation not to defend herself, but to draw attention to her millions of followers and let them know that perfection did not exist.

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Through the history in your account Instagram, the young woman shared her opinion, leaving more than one thought in her thoughtful words.

"I didn't go on social networks with the deliberate intention of avoiding things that hurt my feelings, but for a second I forgot to try to find a photo to post about what the second anniversary of Havana was and my eyes accidentally missed a baseline from the body of the people who bother me., ”He wrote in the publication.

He went on to emphasize that the first thing he experienced was the uncertainty of imagining how images should be uploaded.

"My cellulite! Oh no! Maybe I didn't hide my belly. But then I realized … Of course, there will be photos that I look bad or make an unforgettable pose because my body is not made of stone. In fact, not everything is pure muscle– he said.

He further added: "The saddest part is the young girls growing up in a retouched world looking for perfection that is not real."

He explained the reason for his response to something that seemed superficial.

"I write this for girls like my little sister who grow up on social networks. They constantly see photos edited with Photoshop and think this is reality, and everyone's eyes get used to seeing airbrush bodies and airbrush skin and Suddenly they think that's the norm. Not so. This is incorrect. And the lie becomes truly new".

He finally pointed out: "We have a completely unrealistic view of a woman's body. Girls, cellulite is normal. Fat is normal. It is beautiful and natural. I will not fall today !!!!! Not today, Satan. and I hope you are not.

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