Wednesday , August 17 2022

Can Final Fantasy VII Remake Get Xbox One?


ffvii remake

It seems, By mistake, Microsoft has announced this Last Remake of Fantasy VII I would get to Xbox One, This morning, the account for Facebook on Xbox Germany, released a video where it is supposed to confirm the release of this title for March 3, 2020, the same day that will be released for PlayStation 4.

For the moment, Square Enix only confirmed that the remake of the Final Fantasy VII will be released on PS4, there is no official Xbox One or PC version information. This message was deleted at once, but everything that has ever been published on the web never disappears, so a few screen shots appeared on Twitter.

An official response was issued Max GraffDirector of Communications, who in a tweet said, "We made an internal mistake in the social team. We're taking the video right now. Unfortunately, there is no message from us. Great apologies for this.

However, the damage is already done. Now hundreds of questions arise. Is it Remake of FFVII is not exclusive to PlayStation 4? If so, why does the Xbox team have this information? Perhaps we will see an advertisement for Square Enix in the next few days, clarifying these doubts.

Meanwhile, you can check your experience of the gameplay Last Remake of Fantasy VII here.

Via: Xbox Germany.

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