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Caracol, find out we're already blowing Amparo Grisales


Throughout half a century he has been in television, he has made only one character. Talent is not enough for more

by: Carlos Osa Kaisado
July 8, 2019

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Caracol, find out we're already blowing Amparo Grisales<! –

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If we take into account that the actress's TV debut is over 72, we can say that she's been in television for half a century. Enough. Mrs. Grizzals has already shrunk and Karakol does not understand. He wants to put it in the soup. It was as if it was not enough to put it in jury for how long I got Call You, and now the channel announces a big pump for the second season's Premiere of The Dolls of the Mafia, ten years after the first in 2009. She is the new hero of history.

The truth can be said that the present gifts of Madame Grisalles leave much to be desired. Throughout his career he has played only one character; for my self. The characteristics of the wilds vary only in costume and name. For the other gestures, their voice and their expressions are always the same. In fact, nothing changes her character Lucrecia, the mafia – with what we see in her. She has only two merits: to stay 62 years better than three out of 20 and to be in the first row of all presidential possessions. No one is connected with his acting quality, which leaves much to be desired.

If Amparo Grisales was a dedicated actress whose heroes were moving the Colombians, she would understand why, after so many years, she still lives on television. But as this is not the case, the situation is a shame because it is clear that national television, as well as many other areas in this country, is a thread where it is impossible to rise to the level of talent. The overwhelming presence of the wild in television is tantamount to the door that closes in the face of the young actresses who are trying to sneak into the closed environment of the spectacle in Columbia, who has only opportunities for them with them.

The irritation of Amparo Grisales is so great that even one scenario can not hide it. Libertarians almost have to write the characters. In 2007, Julio Jimenez wrote to him "Mother Moon," a full telenovela for herself that was, incidentally, a failure. The hero returning Grizzals to the screen this evening is almost fit to adapt it. No wonder she continues to be the great wild in this country, where people have little or no consciousness that increases majesty every day.

To live Amparo.

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