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Central Cervecera officially launched its Natu Malta brand

In the first year, the company wanted 7% of the market

Lilian Marinio Espinosa –

Today, the new malt from Central Cervecera de Colombia, Natu, has officially come into the market and can now be found in stores and supermarkets. The company's stake is to conquer a market that boasts 3.3 million hectoliters per year and is currently dominated by Pony Malta.

As Carlos Alzatte, vice president of marketing at Central Cervecera, explains, "In a market that has been branded for 60 years, we want to give more opportunities to the consumer and we can reach 7% in the first year because with Postobón, It has the largest distributor network of soft drinks in the country, we see it possible. "

The choice of this product as the second launch of the group happened because it is a market which in hectoliters may be close to what moves the juice business and was a selection of barley-based beverages that can be given at the factory . that it finished production last year and that Andina started production in February.

In terms of characteristics, Alzate pointed out that this is a 100% natural product that has 70% more Malta than current beverages on the market and seeks to reach those who care for their health.

The presentation will be 200 milliliters, 400 milliliters, liter and 1.5 liters. Dissemination began on Monday and the traditional channel is now available in several locations across the country. At the cost of the product, the company said that "we are in the same terms with competition," adding that "we are coming to bring this category of growth." We do not want to fight the price because it leads to product destruction, we want to revive market t ".

The investment for the next three months will be a promotion, so 98% of Colombian consumers will know about the product and, according to Alzate, "winning the market will be a long-term marathon."


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