Tuesday , August 16 2022

D1 every time opens more stores, but there are still millions of losses


On Monday, June 8, the company will launch this store in Barranquilla and continue its expansion through major cities in the country, 16 departments and more than 250 municipalities, said Seman.

However, sales growth in recent years, in 2017, D1 reported losses of 78,131 million pesos, and in 2018 – 25,112 million pesos, revisited the magazine.

The environmental situation for the company is due to the fact that D1 is a business with intensive capital but in the expansion phase.

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"The growth of this low-cost chain that revolutionizes the country's trade seems irresistible. But it still does not generate profits, "the newspaper said.

Last year, the company opened 158 new stores across the country this year he expects to exceed 160. In addition, in the months ahead, he plans to complete the 1500 points for sale in Colombia, "said Semana.

To create a store, D1 needs about 300 million pesos, so the company must have a capital of nearly 48,000 million pesos to achieve this goal, the magazine said.

The company has more than 300 suppliers (85% of which are national), at least 10 own brands, 9,000 jobs, and sales of an average of 3.7 billion pesos in 2018, the paper said.

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