Saturday , August 13 2022

Destroy the LGBTI flags that Medellin's city government had installed in Pueblito Paisa


Twitter video has become a trend this Saturday afternoon. He shows a person who raises, tears and throws out a gay threshold that has been erected in the month of sexual diversity since the beginning of the week.

The Semana Magazine reported that the name of the person responsible for lowering the gay flag and reducing it was Luis Emilio Arbolla, known for appearing in videos offending politicians and for his support for Senator Alvaro Uribe Veles. Picture of the video on Twitter @malbarracin

Shared Twitter video has been postponed as a trend this half-day. This is a two-minute record in which a guy dressed in a hat, hat and shorts raises the gay threshold that Mayor of Medellin has been installed since the beginning of the week in Pueblito Paisa for the month of sexual diversity. When it is lowered, the man tears it by asking "about anti-ECO".

The act, which has provoked criticism through social networks, is justified by man when he says that in Pueblito Paisa the Antiochian flag is displayed. "Here we have Antiochone, who respect our city and our national symbols, sinverguenzas," says the man who was identified by the Semana magazine with the name of Luis Emilio Arbolina.

This hero is known for appearing in videos in which he attacks, through his words, politicians like Antonio Navarro Wolf and German Vargas Lerras. In addition to sympathy for the ideas of Senator Alvaro Uribe Veles and getting signatures or major campaigns communicating with the former president's party.

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