Friday , May 20 2022

DIM 2 vs 3 Peñarol – Everything You Need to Know About Presidential Friendship between Medellin and Penyarol Medellin vs Penyarol LIVE | Friendly LIVE | Football LIVE Watch football online for free


On Sunday 30 June in North America, Independent Medellin will face a friendly pre-season. Will be before Penyarol in FAU Stadium (Atlanta University in Florida), in Boca Raton, Florida.

Independent Medellin came to this match after defeating Pachuca 2-1 last Friday. For his part, Peñarol hopes to start with the right foot of the Giants of America.

confirmed DIM training

Peñarol confirmed the composition

There will be a live TV signal at the meeting WIN Sport.

stadium: FAU Stadium (Atlanta University in Florida), Boca Raton, Florida

The time of the meeting between DIM and Peñarol

Colombia: 19:00
Peru: 19:00
Ecuador: 19:00
Mexico: 19:00
Miami: 20:00
Venezuela: 20:00
Chile: 20:00
Bolivia: 20:00
Paraguay: 20:00
Argentina: 21:00
Brazil: 21:00
Uruguay: 21:00
Madrid: 02:00 (June 29th)
Cairo: 02:00 (June 29th)

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