Thursday , October 28 2021

Drug deaths hit record highs in England and Wales: emergency medical care announced


United Kingdom may face a national emergency once it is known that they have registered A record number of drug deaths in various parts of the country in the last year.

Thus, 56 people die every week due to the consumption of illegal substances, e.g.Last year, there were 4,359 drug-related deaths in the peoples of England and Wales, the highest number since records began in 1993.

Drug experts, including the Royal College of Psychiatrists, reacted angrily to the dissemination of the data. They accused the government of putting people's lives at risk cut funding for vital treatment services and demanded a national health emergency.

More than half of the deaths, i. 2,208, this is due to the opioid as heroin, while the death rate from psychoactive substances doubled to 125. There were 637 cocaine-related deaths, almost double the number recorded in 2015 when there were 320.

The diary The Independent revealed this last month the number of drug and alcohol rehabilitation services living in England has been reduced by one-third in six years, which raises concerns that as budgets go down, municipalities send fewer people to life-saving residential rehabilitation centers.

This was said by Dr. Emily Finch, Vice President of the Faculty of Addiction at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, quoted by The Guardian: "The highest number of drug-related deaths in England and Wales are to serve as call for attention to the government that its focus on addictions is endangering people's lives "

"The shortage of qualified professional staff and interruption between health and addiction support services that means patients who live cannot be treated properly, "he added.

Data from the National Statistics Office (ONS) refer to deaths related to controlled and uncontrolled medicines, as well as over-the-counter and over-the-counter drugs. Also include drug-related accidents and suicides, and complications like deep vein thrombosis or blood poisoning for the use of intravenous drugs.

About two-thirds of reported deaths, i. 2917, are due to drug abuse, which is a continuation of the trend observed over the last decade.

Men represented more than two thirds of drug poisoning, or 2,984 cases, and women 1375.

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