Saturday , June 25 2022

Ecopetrol discovers the raw material in the well of Rionegro, Santander


In a statement, Ecopetrol reported that the well had been drilled "from the same platform of the Boranda-1 discovery (a report reported in 2017 in Playón, now called Boranda), at a distance of 1,200 meters to the southeast."

According to the initial tests, the well awoke "2397 barrels of oil, accumulated and registered an average daily production of 960 barrels, with 2% menopause cut. The final depth reached 13,932 feet and confirmed the finding of average crude oil at 23 ° API, explained in the Ecopetrol message.

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For the production unit in Boranda -2 ST it is known that it is considered an "independent body found in Boranda-1 producing a well". This, they add, is approximately one thousand feet.

At present, Ecopetrol owns 50% of the stake in the block and the remaining 50% is owned by Parex, the operator.

According to Alberto Consuegra, Executive Vice President of EcoPetrol, "this finding is part of the Reserve Enhancement Strategy, which includes as one of its guidelines the exploration of areas near production fields." In this case, Boranda wells are located in the production area of the fields of Pavas-Kachira to the northeast and Aullador and Cristalina to the southwest. "

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