Tuesday , September 17 2019
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Elizabeth Lois leaped against the critics who were watching her body

Elizabeth Loaiza once again resorted to their social networks to send them a firm message to those who criticize it to show his body and make sure he sells it.

This time the model shared an image in which it appears on its back and reveals its backs, along with a large message shows annoyance from some people's "double morale."

"I do not understand so much noise from some people that they call you to sell your body to show it." There is a big difference between exhibitionism and commercialization, why so much painful excitement for a pair of hips that we all have? this shows it is not a harlot, nor is everything covered and speaking of God holy, "he writes in his account at Instagram, which is now private.

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In the Loaiza post criticizes those who are hiding behind the screen offend others and make them feel bad.

"How much double morality exists and how many people are hiding behind the screen, a false profile to downplay another person who is trying to turn off the light that the other shine as if it makes them bigger or give them a little bit of happiness," he said .

In another part of the message, the famous Colombian believes that people who criticize must take their free time to do other things, and He said he felt compassion for them.

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