Sunday , November 29 2020

Everything is fine? Demi Lovato stopped following Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez at Instagram Present

After leaving the Rehabilitation Clinic, Demi Lovato He made a decision that surprised more than one fan: The singer no longer follows Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas at Instagram.

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Selena and Demi They were friends from the age of 7 and, without explanation, the girls ceased to be in touch and moved away more and more.

Nick's story is similar. Demi and the former Jonas Brothers are known because they were very young. In fact, the singer was Nick's daughter-in-law when she left with her brother, Joe Jonas

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But that's not all: Demi and Nick shared the scene of the tour, which led to the guess that the boys have a great friendship.

Obviously, part of Demi's rebuilding involves moving away from people who have once been part of his career. Or did the singer not feel the company of his friends in one of the most difficult moments in his life?

We'll have to wait for Demi to tell us the real reasons for his departure …

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