Friday , May 20 2022

Fark Party Invites Jesus Santrich to Confirm Commitments to Peace Agreement – Peace Process – Politics


"In the case of Jesus Sanric, our party has provided him with the necessary support and solidarity, as well as the requirement to observe the basic principles of the fair trial and the presumption of innocence. At the same time, in various statements, we said that if a warrior decides to stay away from the process or, once the agreement enters into force, accepts behavior that puts him out of the law, he must take on the consequences, as written in the text we signed with the state. "

This is the statement released this Sunday by the Farke party after the National Defense Unit has confirmed that the former guerrilla leader has abandoned the security scheme on Saturday night in La Paz, Cesar, and his location has not been known since then.

The communiqué of the party invites Sanctir to confirm "with his presence, in the scenarios assigned to him by the party leadership, the commitments made in the years of the revolutionary war."

The text emphasizes that after the signing of the peace agreement, the partisans have made a "steadfast" commitment to the country and the international community.

He also assured that although it was clear from the beginning of the process that the road would be difficult, they took that responsibility in favor of the peace contribution to the country.

Any personal or group decision that deviates from these decisions runs counter to our political line and can therefore only engage those who make those decisions.

"We remain convinced that this is the right way and for this reason we have retained and will remain firm in our commitment to peace (…) Any personal decision or group that deviates from these decisions is against our political line and therefore, can only engage those who make those decisions, "the party concludes in its statement.


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