Wednesday , August 10 2022

Florentino Perez closes a new galactic surprise for Real Madrid


Against all chances, Real Madrid advanced a lot in the race to get the services of Paul Pogba, a wish of Zinedine Zidane who claims Florentino Perez from the day he set foot in Santiago Bernabeu. That is, the agreement is not yet over and the negotiations are still valid.

The talks were completely blocked, with Manchester United requesting EUR 160 million for the French crack, while the white box did not exceed 120. The difference seemed insurmountable.

In addition, Flo has preferred Christian Eriksen, a player who thinks he fits better in team play, much more regular, and above all much cheaper, as his contract with Tottenham ends in 2020 and can leave about 90 pounds.

However, Zizou does not want to know anything about the Danish international. His obsession is the World Champion and he wants it at any price, so he insists that this is not an option that is rejected. And little by little he achieves his goal.

In Old Trafford they began to assimilate their march and reduced their price to 150 million. Yes, they want patience because they want to close their deputy first, who would be Sergei Milinkovic-Savic of Lazio. Depending on the price of Serbia, they could even lower the price of Pogba more.

So far, the former Juventus of Turin has already publicly announced its intention to change the atmosphere and stop in Madrid, although it will not declare in absentia or perform sporting scandals. In fact, he had traveled to Australia with his other teammates to start pre-season under Ole Gunnar Soltzhaer.

There he will wait for the news. But you know that Zidane wants to have it at all costs because it will lead to a big leap in the quality and physical power they do not have at the moment.

We will continue to inform.

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