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For regret, Facebook Messenger allows to delete messages sent

November 10, 2018

Social networks enable the option to delete messages sent on Messenger.

Illustrative image: Pixabay

Recently, Facebook announced that as part of the next version of Messenger, users will have the possibility to delete messages for up to ten minutes after sending them and disappearing from the inbox that receives them.

Also, in the Facebook Messenger update information available on the App Store you will find more detailed function descriptions.

"Delete the message from the chat window after you send it. If you accidentally send a wrong photo or you chat incorrectly, you can easily fix it by deleting the message in the first 10 minutes you sent."

At this time, you can delete messages on Messenger so you can't see them yourself, but they will still appear in the recipient's inbox.

This must be mentioned, WhatsApp is the first application of Mark Zuckerberg's platform that includes this option, where users have more time to repent of messages, because they can delete it for up to one hour after sending it.

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