Friday , May 20 2022

[Fotos] He overcomes congestion on the road to La Calera by accident, where the rider died


This was reported by Tránsito Bogotá, after the incident involving a rider, affected several drivers, passengers and pedestrians going to their destination.

Strong overloading of La Calera road due to accident with motorcyclist. Image: Twitter – @Andres_Digital

The chaos was such as to see the line of vehicles waiting to move forward and overcome the difficulty, was not allowed to cross Avenida Circunvalar on the 87th Street.

It is recommended to transit Bogotá use the detour of El Codito or the northern highway to take the road to Sopó.

Some people who were in the area reported that there was a heavy traffic jam. Even public transport passengers prefer walking.

People are walking on foot in La Calera due to a road accident. Image: Twitter – @JuanFCano

According to Canal Capitalaccidentally the rider hit the side wall of the road and had a cranial-brain trauma.

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