Tuesday , August 3 2021

Freddy Rincon will be a technical assistant for Millonarios, with Pinto. Profile | Colombian football | Eagle league

Freddy Rincon is one of the figures who does not need to be introduced. An unforgettable Colombian international figure in the Italian World Cup 90, a reference to attacks for many generations. Now it's time to see it in a new aspect, namely technical assistant Jorge Luis Pinto at Millonarios.

Precisely his career began at the Alfonso López stadium in Bucaramanga, when Pinto, who was then training Santa Fe, gave him the opportunity to enter the field. After Pinto Umaña will come and make him a starter.

His strength, long steps and strong shots made him able to add another year to Bogota's red team and win the Cup in 89, the second phase of the tournament. In total there will be 82 matches, with a balance of 20 points. Rincon was consolidated, but Umaña was fired. Rincon also left, but was sold, when doctor Gabriel Ochoa Uribe put another red shirt, America Cali.

Francisco Maturana took him to the World Cup 90 and he responded with a goal to Germany, at 1-1 which was painful and historic in the last 16. That year was also a champion with America, a joy that lived twice (other than 1992).

But international football is the way and that's how he came to Palmeiras in 1993, his best year with the national team, where he scored the decisive goal for Peru and Paraguay and scored two goals in 5-0 over Argentina.

After the World Cup in 1994, Freddy Rincon finally made a leap to Europe by being one of the best players in America. The goal is Naples Italy. There he is a starter that is undisputed, playing 28 Serie A matches and scoring 8 goals before Real Madrid looked at him. It was the most difficult stage, he accused racism and left with only 14 matches played and one goal.

He will go down in Brazil where he lives on the happiest stage: he passes through Corinth, Santos, Cruzeiro, and again Cointhians and Palmeiras. He will win two titles with the green team and three more with people from Sao Paulo before retiring, in 2013, in the ranks of América de Cali, where he played friendship at 46, after 8 years of inactivity.

As a coach, Rincon has experience in Brazil, where he directs the Iraty Sport Club, CC. Sao Bento, Corinthians B, and Flamengo de Guarulhos.

At Millonarios, this would be his second experience as an assistant, after working at Atlético Mineiro.

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