Friday , May 20 2022

Google confirms that the games purchased at Stadia will never be lost even if the editor decides to leave the platform – MeriStation Consoles


How is the Stadia payment model available?
Is it paid for each game or is it a general service payment?

You have two options:

You pay for the game and allow you to always play at 1080p and when you have a steady and stable connection

You pay first-class service and they allow you to play some games provided, as well as a steady and stable connection

If you buy a game and want to play it at 4K, you have to pay the premium service except that you paid the game to what you think will be "the same price as the other platforms"

It does not allow you to have games installed locally in any of the variations, even what you buy

This means that while the other platforms charge you 60 euros and allow you to play it offline from a local copy to a native 4K (probably this will be the norm in the next gene) on Google, if you buy it at the same 60 euros, they let you you play a maximum of 1080p and if you want more quality, you have to pay extra.

Oh, and of course, obviously in addition to the requirement of connecting and charging an additional, the top quality of 4K and 1080p will not be the same as with local devices no matter how much you pay as they use compression algorithms to reduce the required frequency tape

Not to mention that the Microsoft model allows you to use your own console to do the same only if you enable local replicas if you can play real quality and above if you happen to play on your mobile phone too allows you to do so. and with the bonus that if you have a console, you can use it as a local server, significantly reducing ping

Come on, as I said above, in the good aspects, it is the same or worse, and in the others it's worse

The only advantage is that you do not pay 400 euros for the console, but seeing the prices of the basic equipment and the cost of the rest, knowing it will not be compatible with numerous peripherals, and knowing that you never actually buy real estate or something like buying something just allows you to use 1080p if you're behind, is not worth it at all, the Microsoft model also lets you save the console only, it also offers obvious benefits to which are added exclusive Microsoft (that has, not say Xbox, say Microsoft)

In short, they will try to sneak it to people with the classic model, "we give you the console, but then we connect you with our monthly fee."
As once the telephone companies did

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