There are many people who listen to music via YouTube and Chrome. However, the experience is not comparable, for example, with the use of platforms such as Apple Music or Spotify. The very fact that you need to change the tab to skip the song does not make it productive or convenient as using a particular application. This is a problem for Google, especially now that they want to improve YouTube as a media player with their YouTube subscription service.

Your decision, integrate a media player into ChromeCurrently, this player is in the test phase, and if it reaches the final version, it can be of great help to significantly improve the use of YouTube.

New mini-media player in Chrome Canary

This new mini player automatically detects when you start playing multimedia contentand in the area where the extensions usually appear – at the top right – the play button will appear. Once you press this button, we will have access to the pause / play, the next track and previous controls, and the name of the content being played, and if it is via YouTube, the video thumbnail will appear.

For now this option is only available in the version of Chrome Canary -Processing version of Chrome, and you can download it by clicking this link. You should keep in mind that this version is unstable, so you can find some bugs and malfunction of the program.

To enable this option, simply do the following:

  • Open a new tab in Chrome Canary.
  • In the new tab, enter the following address: chrome: // flags / # global-media-controls
  • Go to the tab default and select the function Activate,
  • We restart the computer and we will have the feature.