Friday , May 20 2022

He confessed! These were two Platonic customs of Natalia Paris


Natalia Paris She is one of the women who undoubtedly steals all looks for her spectacular and enviable figure who, despite her years, still has and cares like a teenager.

For example, it is possible to demonstrate through the images he shares on his social networks and showing his daily photos, with which he falls in love more and more, because he always looks very light on clothes.

Now the fact that he has given something to talk and who has caused excitement among fans of the famous is this recently admitted that when she was young she always loved two men until he failed to know, even though one of them has already died.

The confession is made through its stories Instagram where a picture of one of them appears and accompanies it with a description in which he mentions this and his other platonic love.

"When you were a teenager, what was your platonic love?" My was Bon Jovi and Prince. What's yours?are the words written by the passion.

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Immediately this post left with the mouth open to the businessmen's admirers because the famous man has always been very reserved for this type of topic, the reason why few believe it.

Though now John Bon Jovi looks different than what she looked like in her youth, some of the influencer's followers compared her present body to what she had many years ago, and yet, for many, she is still a boss.

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